P. ANTONIO SOLER (1729-1783)

The new project we wish to present now, is a new vision of the performance of one of the
important ” corpus ” of the spanish music of the XVIII Century for two keyboard instruments: the 6 CONCERTOS by P. Antonio Soler. Normally these concertos are performed with two instruments of the same family: two organs, two harpsichords or two fortepianos or modern pianos.

What we propose now, is to discover a new world of different sounds, as a result of the different combinations with this three keyboard instrument families.
To hear a piano together with an harpsichord or an organ can seem, at the first impression, a
quite audacious instrumental approach, but we think that once you will hear it, a new range of
musical colors will fullfill your ears as well as your musical spirit.
Padre Antonio Soler, was one of the most important composer of his time and there are several interesting aspects of his life.

Born in the Olot village in Catalonia,he spend his childhood in the Benedictin Monastery in
Montserrat, one of the oldest music tradition schools for talented young boys, where he received a solid and wide education not only in music but also in theology and humanistic fields.

Devoted to the deeper aspects of the monastic life, he became Priest.
During several years he was travelling and teaching music in several villages in Catalonia and he
was also Chapel Maister of the Cathedral of Lleida.
He moved to El Escorial palace-monastery in 1752 as organist and later in 1757 he became Chapel Meister.

No matter how high was already his musical level, he had there the chance to continue his studies with de Nebra and with the great Domenico Scarlatti.
We hope and wish that you will enjoy our project, built with our most respectful feeling and
knowledge of this music and the three different instruments we are playing.